Defend your brand

How will you navigate uncertainty?

Crisis communications is unlike traditional PR. Navigating a reputational threat takes specialized skills, experience and a different mindset.

In some cases, you must stand up and tell your story and/or recruit others who will. This takes a carefully crafted message and knowing when and where to place it.  In other instances, the best approach is to stay out of the press, shorten the news cycle, and minimize the impact. Knowing the difference is everything.

At J. Wilson Advisors, we have helped global and mid-sized companies, individuals, and nonprofits effectively prepare for and manage communications around transformational events. We have earned a reputation for strategic thinking, candid counsel, and instinct for how and when to respond.

Rapid response isn’t enough. You also need the right strategy, discipline, and a degree of clairvoyance that only comes with experience.


During and after a crisis, we have helped clients retain or restore the trust of customers, employees, investors, lawmakers, regulators, and the public. Our goal is straightforward: to enable our clients to put the incident behind them, get back to business, and succeed.

  • Complex litigation
  • Government investigations
  • Cyber events
  • Personnel and workplace issues
  • Transportation incidents
  • Product failures and recalls
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • #metoo
  • Community opposition
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Our Services

Crisis planning

  • Crisis plan development
  • Tabletops and simulations
  • Media coaching
  • Risk assessment


  • Rapid response
  • Strategy and messaging
  • Media relations
  • Internal and external communications
  • Social media
  • Third-party activation


  • Corporate positioning and brand strategy
  • Digital, social, and SEO strategy
  • Content development
  • Reputation tracking

How can we help?

Crisis Hotline

The J. Wilson Advisors crisis team is led by Michael Rubin who, for more than two decades, has helped individuals and organizations around the world contain the fallout from cyber breaches, transportation incidents, product recalls, personnel and financial malfeasance, among other events.

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