What do you want to be known for?

Our Story

Define your brand, or leave it to others.
There’s no middle ground.

At J. Wilson, we know that it takes a clear strategy and a focused effort. We provide specialized communication services that help individuals and organizations write their own narrative, elevate their brand, and navigate challenges.

What makes you different?

Our Mindset

What do you bring to the market? The conversation? Most organizations think they know and can convey their unique value, but they bury the lede.

Here’s what makes us different: Our experience, creativity, and ability to dig deep into the data while staying focused on your big picture.

What do you value?

Our Mindset

More than ever, people would rather buy from or believe in individuals and organizations whom they agree with, feel a connection to, or admire. To inspire a team and build a following, the most successful brands convey a sense of purpose.

A brand needs to be bigger than a person, product, or slogan. And we know how to help you convey not just the value of your products and services, but your values as an organization.

How do you manage your reputation?

Our Services


We are communicators driven to make the opaque clear, the common distinct, and the humdrum inspired.
We use this passion and years of experience to help people and organizations define themselves in ways that others will understand, remember, want to be a part of or follow.


  • Corporate branding and positioning
  • Marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • Internal communications
  • Digital strategy


Remember the adage any press is good press? Well, forget it. The calculus about when to seek media coverage and when to avoid it has changed.

We help organizations and individuals through reputational challenges, ranging from data breaches to financial crisis to #metoo moments. We have the expertise, judgment, and instincts to guide our clients on when to stand up and when to stand back.


  • Crisis management and planning
  • Executive reputation
  • Brand rehabilitation
  • Litigation communications

How can we help?


J. Wilson positions individuals and organizations as admired leaders, thought leaders, and market leaders. We have the experience and instincts to spark attention when you want it, and keep you out of the story when you don’t.

Our team and partners include media relations professionals from some of the world’s most recognizable PR and advertising agencies; former journalists from top-tier national publications; and experts in business intelligence, social media, digital marketing, and design.

To learn more, please contact (202) 834-6858 or hello@jwilsonadvisors.com.

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